Sunday, 23 Jan 2022

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Dumpster Diving At BASS PRO SHOPS (Crazy!)

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I Go Dumpster Diving at Bass Pro Shops Looking for FREE Fishing Gear. You will not believe the hidden treasures I find in the trash! *** Save up to 30% off …

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  1. Fun fact, all their good stuff goes in the compactors. I actually pick those boxes up for a living. (Not in your area unfortunately) but driving a Roll-Off truck (the type of truck that gets those boxes) I get all sorts of cool stores where I can find dope things like this. Tight lines dude 🤘🏼

  2. Dumpster diving is the original recycling. It should be available to everyone. I look at their clothes and all and wonder what’s been found in dumpsters.

  3. Dumpster diveing is not against the law so when ask what your doing tell the truth people toss good useable items no shame in that .your smart for trying to stop waste of perfectly good stuff


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