Sunday, 23 Jan 2022

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Game & Watch Super Mario Bros. is a crazy '80s gaming time machine

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Game & Watch Super Mario Bros:
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Nintendo’s recreated its classic Game & Watch series, but added Super Mario Bros. to it. It’s ridiculous and cool — and destined to become a collectors’ item on a superfan’s shelf. We open the package and play with what’s inside.

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  1. "The game and watch never had Super Mario Bros" you need to do some research, back in 1986 there was a Super Mario Bros unit released, they're called "Game And Watch" because it has a game and it's a watch, just because you don't wear it on your wrist doesn't mean it's not a watch, it's a time piece non the less, I'm guessing you're around 40? It would seem you never got to experience Game and Watch in it's original release in 1980, for those of us who did, this release is a very exciting thing.

  2. I'm buying one I'm in Trinidad and Tobago and a Nintendo switch in a game store cost 1300 online costs 1000 but this for 50 dollars online it will cost 350 so I got that going for me.

  3. I actually was excited until I saw it's just the G&W shell playing a NES game. I was really hoping it was a multi-game (think NES Classic) unit with proper Game & Watch games on it, like Cement Factory, Bottle Shop, Fire!, Greenhouse, etc. 🙁

  4. sorry guys- I cant play the small game and Watch version like on the NS. It sould be the same- but the control of the game and watch feels like a cheap fake of the original. Mario does not run as easy as in the NES. Its delayed it and mario does not jump everytime he should…he seems to ignore jumpcommands. A pitty- for me its completley uninteresting- by the way- the screen is 33% too small.

  5. Hi there, I have purchased this console, is it small and nice.

    How can I save games? I lost all 3 lifes and if I'm in World 2-3, then I should start from World 1-1.

  6. making 100 devices when you only need one for all. find it out yourself 😉
    i swear its great, a beauty (retro touch) and by far better than any of those very limited emulators even when they are branded.

  7. I mean, I'm not joking.

    This thing probably costs no more than 1 dollar to produce.

    Yet people are ready to pay 50$ for those 3 games on a plastic handheld.

  8. $50 buck for a game & watch of today is 1000X cheaper then getting any of the original 1980 Game & Watch like Ball on ebay go for anywhere from $200, $400, $800 as much as $1000+ used.

  9. Like it. But shame they omitted the headphone jack. And the speaker hole should've bee on the front; it is easily covered by your index finger.

  10. Its cool for the nostalgia factor but overpriced for what it is. They could probably get me to spend 20 bucks on it for the nostalgia but def not 50.

  11. Ball Sucks so BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also this handset blows!! The speaker is on the left side and just feels off. The sound is so mono that even the ORIGINAL game & Watch have a better sound distribution. such a disappointment


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